FRONT END (B2B)Data from multi-type,multi-sourceProgram ManagementInventoryManagementWorkflowFRONT END (B2C) DATABASES Dashboard Management Breeding Program Analytics Output Decision Making Dashboard Process Flow Reporting Time Management People Management Budgets Dashboard Services (Analytics, Design) Entitlement Location Pedigree Inventory Management Environment Phenotypic Genotypic Tank Data Experimental
A highly customisable user interface to access the components within your breeding management system
Overall management of your breeding business. Track and manage client breeding programs. Connect tanks / cages / hatcheries across geographies and generations - associate with genetically derived pedigrees and trait data for improved selection.
Set the requirements for client breeding programs.
Customisable analytics for phenotypic, genotypic and pedigree data ranging from simple pre-defined options for linear modelling (BLUPS) to advanced mixed / heirarchical models
Visualise, view and interpret output. Create reports. (link to customer dashboard)
Make recommendations for clients and consult on next steps and ongoing requirements. (link to customer dashboard)
A highly customisable user interface designed for your customer and clients to access pre-defined services and entitlements. Provides the ability to upsell and promote new tools, products and services.
A chargeable suite of online tools for your customers to analyse their data.
Client account management of entitlements / licensing of services.
A highly customisable user interface, usually accessed by operations / lab management to define workflows, resource and budget.
Defining work processes and workflows
Customisable reporting, visualisation and export for management reports
Task allocation and time sheeting
Resource planning - links to time management
Does what is says on the tin! Manage your costs, overhead, expenses and departmental budgets
Cloud or on premise database - tag, store, manage, view, manipulate all types of multiple source data ( both client and inhouse) -using flexible and scalable architecture for your ever changing data. Provides customisable templates for data mangement and import.
Maximise the power of your data by including pedigree in your analyses
Unlimited trait data
Unlimted genetic data
Supports multi-location / multi- environment
Environmental variables
Store ph, temp, deposit, sediment data from sensors and probes
Additional data relevant to your breeding processes and models
Manage multiple asset locations, control movement, tag / label / image capture, store items, link with handhelds, view live data, view transaction reports, online stock access.