Design of Experiments in the cloud

Digital Design App (DDA) is an app which allows you to design your experiments in the cloud using the most efficient algorithms out there ranging from simple to complex. The app supports the generation of optimal (or near optimal) experimental designs. It provides the most comprehensive online design generation yet. Used by researchers in fields ranging from plant breeding (field, glasshouse and laboratory trials) to industrial design and (systematic) clinical research.

DDA will also handle cross-over experiments involving the application of sequences of treatments to several subjects over a number of time periods.

DDA can be used in the cloud or integrated within your DoE process flows.

Are you an innovator, like to try things before the masses? To get your hands the DDA prototype, and influence its development, register on the form below.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty just yet – you can let us know which areas of design you’d want to see in the app by signing up, do our quick survey  or comment below. To get you thinking here’s a list:

  • Orthogonal hierarchical designs – designs such as randomized blocks, split-plots, split-split-plots
  • Lattice designs
  • Lattice squares
  • Latin squares
  • Graeco-Latin squares
  • Latin squares balanced for carry-over effects
  • Semi-Latin squares
  • Complete and quasi-complete Latin squares
  • Complete factorial designs
  • Fractional factorial designs
  • Alpha designs
  • Cyclic designs
  • Balanced-incomplete-block designs
  • Neighbour-balanced designs
  • Latinized designs
  • Augmented designs
  • Row-column designs
  • Spatial designs
  • P-rep designs
  • Cross-over designs
  • Non-orthogonal split-plot and other hierarchical designs
  • D-optimal
  • Taguchi
  • Central composite designs
  • Box-Behnken designs
  • Plackett Burman (main effect) designs
  • Response surface design (using BLKL algorithm)
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