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We live in an always on, internet of things, connected world. This creates data, lots of data, big data. But the collection of data is not the end. In most situations, it is the beginning. It is in the analysis of data the answers are found, or at the very least – insight.

The combination of big data, cloud, wireless technologies and new ways to access analytics now means:

  • users of sensors, devices and probes can analyse bigger data sets, faster and in real-time
  • manufacturers of devices, sensors and probes can add value to their products without the need to invest in developing their own software

The proliferation of big data has created new and innovative ways to position analytics in the data flow chain:

Placing our analytics on the sensor /device allows:

  • Pre-processing and streaming analysis of data
  • Quantifying data at a point in time / event driven analytics
  • Real time output
  • Reduction of the volume of data to transmit and store
  • Compliance or security requirements to be met

Placing our analytics in a sensor / device hub:

  • Allows analysis across multi variables
  • Allows analysis across environments
  • Real time output / analysis of data in context
  • Reduction of the volume of data to transmit and store
  • Compliance or security requirements to be met

Connecting your cloud sensor / device data storage to our analytics in the cloud:

  • Leverages the power of cloud for the most powerful, scalable analytics and visualisation
  • Deep dive into your data for maximum insight
  • Use our advanced algorithmic content and modelling techniques
  • Gain real insight and decision-making
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